About Pencil Castle

Pencil Castle Pictures is a 2D and 3D animation, illustration and graphic design studio based in Athens, Greece. The studio is founded by the animator and illustrator Elpida Panourgia in January 2016.

    The Philosophy of Pencil Castle

In Pencil Castle Pictures, the foundation for the creation of images, whether those are rendered in 2D or 3D form, is the pencil. We believe that behind every successful image and its meaning, there is a great pencil drawing sketch, in which all the experimentation and the excitement of every project take place. This pencil drawing is the solid foundation of the final rendered result on screen or on paper. With the use of the pencil, in Pencil Castle Pictures we build the most beautiful castle. The castle of the imagination.

    The Style and Content of our Work

Pencil Castle Pictures is a creative studio that specializes in Cartoon style animation and illustration. Our work’s intended audience is children or adults alike. We do not do fully realistic animation or adult content animation. We welcome every imaginative idea that will fire-up our imagination and our pencils, in order to create exciting cartoony worlds. Our 3d animation is also cartoon style driven, and we use toon shading in order to create the desired cartoon look.

As far as a fully realistic 3D animation project is concerned, Pencil Castle can contribute as external partner to your production, in order tocreate storyboards, character designs and concepts for your project.

    About the Director

Elpida Panourgia is a 2D and 3D artist, who specializes in storytelling, composition, storyboard creation, concept art, traditional and digital illustration, character design, 2D and 3D animation, video editing and graphic design. Her higher education in Arts and Design consists of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Graphic Design from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens in Greece in 2013 and a Master of Arts (MA) Degree in 3D Computer Animation from the Bournemouth University in United Kingdom in 2015. Her passion is to tell beautiful and meaningful stories through logo identity design and high-quality, appealing images, which may be still or animated in 2D or 3D form. During the time period 2010 and 2015, Elpida worked in several group animation projects and also directed two personal 2D short animation films, called The teammate and Time and one 3D animation film called Dolphin.

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